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Do you need a Business Plan

Business Plan

Support your bank loan application

Banks need clear understanding of the business opportunity, the execution plan and of the business financial projections to assess if the business will be a success. This is not something that you can afford to mess up as if one bank declines, it may effect your application with others.

Win investment from Investor

Like Banks, Investors are interested to see a business plan, how the idea will be a success but more specifically they want to know what is payback period, what returns they will get on their investment, how risky the proposal is and what will be their exit options. Get this right and you are almost there securing the investment you need.

Business Plan
Business Plan

Support your business immigration application

When you plan to invest in another country overseas, you are required to prove to the immigration of that country, the benefits you will bring to the local economy with your new venture in their country. Things like how many jobs will you create, how much investment you will inject to the economy, what profits will be available for taxation in future years etc. All this needs to be collated and presented in a professional way as required by immigration authorities.

Better manage your business

Its true that if you don’t plan then you have planned to fail. any new business or new business idea needs to be evaluated, analysed and properly planned for success. a clearly layout plan defining your market, your competitors, your customers, your products, your marketing needs. your business risks and opportunities are some major things that need to be identified, evaluated and then translated into comprehensive financial plan.

Business Plan

No 1 Choice for
Business Planning

Business Plan

We are qualified and accredited firm

Preparing a professional business plan requires specialist qualifications, skills and experience. We are qualified Chartered Certified Accountants and Management Accountants accredited by Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Institute of Management Accountants. which is a testament to our subject matter expertise and highest professional standards. 

Experienced in different industries and markets

Its very important that a business plan is prepared with good understanding of industry the business operates in. We have many years experience of working with companies of varied sizes and complexities in different industries including e- commerce, technology, media, engineering, logistics, retail, telecommunications , health, education to name a few. This experience gives us competitive advantage over other firms when it comes to industry specific strategic planning

Business Plan
Business Plan

Are always flexible to clients requirements

You want all the expertise from one firm for better coordination and synergy but not many firms out there have all the expertise and skills you want nor they are flexible to your needs. Some who do, are either too big to effectively serve small businesses or they are too just too expensive. Quickclick Accountants and Business Advisers takes pride in accommodating to your needs and schedule. We will work tirelessly to ensure we meet your deadline and you are 100% satisfied.

Our Accreditation and Retained Partners

What you get in your Business Planning Package

Chartered Certified Accountant
Dedicated Accountant

You get your own dedicated fully qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and Management Accountant with 15+ years experience

Business Plan

Business Plan

You will get comprehensive 10 key component five year business plan ready to be presented to Banks, Investors and other stakeholders

Business Plan

KPI Pack

We design key performance indicators that are critical to the success of your business in your Industry 

Business Plan

Propriety Rights

Propriety rights over the use of layout and 3 statement model.

Business Plan

Up to 60% Discount

By joining Quickclick Accountants, you will get exclusive discounts of up to 60% on any other compliance or advisory service you need

Business Plan

FREE FP&A Software

You will get free subscription to market leading cloud based financial planning and analytical reporting software for small businesses.

self employed accounting software

FREE Xero / QuickBooks

Free one month subscription of Xero or QuickBooks included.

Penalty Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you feel unsatisfied with your business plan, we will provide unlimited revisions till you are 100% satisfied,  This is our guarantee to you.  

How it Works

Business Plan
STEP 1 - Signup
You signup online. We send you a detailed questionnaire to understand your business, plans and the market you will operate in
Business Plan
STEP 2 - Plans
One to one session where we go over your plans in detail covering all 10 key components of business planning process
Business Plan
STEP 3 - Financials
2nd one to one session, where we go over financials in detail including balance sheets, profit & loss, cash flow statement, KPI pack, funding plan for Investors (If needed)
Business Plan
STEP 4 - Review
We send you first draft of your business plan to review and approve. If there are any amendments needed, we will revise it till final approval
Business Plan
STEP 5 - Delivery
Once approved. we send a digital copy of your business plan by email and will mail you a professional hard copy, ready to be presented to Banks, Investors and your Stakeholders.

What our Clients Say

Choose your Business Plan Package



Was £1500

from £1000

You Save £500

Suitable for startup businesses looking for bank loan or investments 



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Suitable for growing businesses who are seeking investments or bank loan



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Suitable for established businesses looking to expand overseas

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