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Grow your business

Market is rapidly changing, new markets are presenting with new opportunities, competitors are excelling and stealing your customers by offering better products or service. You want to grow your revenue, launch new products, increase market share, enter new markets, win back your old customers but you don’t have in house expertise and tools to financially analyse and evaluate the options and opportunities, validate new strategy and/or measure its success financially.

Virtual  CFO
Virtual  CFO

Improve your financial performance

You want to improve your cash flow and liquidity or may be you want to improve your financing leverage or bring debt to equity ratio to a acceptable level, or may be you are concerned about your working capital situation. What ever the issue with your main stream finances, you know that unless you get it fixed, you run the risk of getting into major problems with going concern of your business.

Reduce your expenses and overheads

Your revenue is increasing and is healthy but its not reflecting in your net profits. You suspect the problem lies in overhead cost and expenses but you are struggling to bring them down to appropriate proportions because of lack of appropriate tools and expertise to confidently identify and analyse key focus areas in terms of avoidability and acceptability.

Virtual  CFO
Virtual  CFO

Control your business better

Things are getting messy. May be your policies and procedures need reviewing or your financial controls are not holding and you feel you are loosing control of your business.

Reduce your business risk

Businesses that do not foresee, plan and put measures in place to tackle business risks, always suffer. But how can you plan and put measures in place if you are unable to identify and quantify the impact of risks to your business operations. The bigger the stake, the more the risk control planning is needed.

Virtual  CFO

To implement such initiatives successfully, you need the expertise and experience of a qualified finance professional

Virtual  CFO

In house FD or CFO

A Finance Director or CFO usually undertake such kind of strategic initiatives as they have the relevant skills and experience to follow it through successfully. However a full time FD/CFO cost around £60k – £200k, which for a small business with limited needs, is not an ideal solution.

Hire external Consultants

The other option is to hire external consultants for the duration of the project.  A consultant typically charge anywhere between £350 to £1000 per day and can be more expensive if you need to hire multiple consultants with different skill sets. The problem with this is that once the project is complete and consultants are gone and if you still don’t have in house expertise, you will have to hire another consultant(s) every time you need further help., which can be very costly for a small business.

Virtual  CFO
Virtual  CFO

Outsource to Business Advisory Firm

As hiring a full time FD/CFO or an external Consultant(s) is not the best cost effective solution for a small business, the best option is to outsource the business advisory/CFO service to a firm of Business Advisors. However as with consultants, you ideally want all the expertise from one firm for better coordination and synergy but as you know not many firms out there, have all the expertise and skills you want under one roof. Some who do are either too big to effectively serve small businesses or they are too just too expensive.

QuickClick Accountants and Business Advisors offers one of a kind all in one business advisory package, in which you get business advisory and performance management services from your own dedicated Virtual CFO, who will help you achieve your business growth plans and improve profitability, while ensuring appropriate controls and procedures are in place for effective risk management and control at an affordable fixed fee

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Business Advisory - Your Own CFO


What will you get in your Virtual CFO Package

Chartered Certified Accountant
Dedicated Virtual CFO

You get your own dedicated Virtual CFO. Our CFOs are fully qualified Chartered Certified Accountants and Management Accountants with 15+ years experience

Virtual  CFO

Decision Support

We will use advance financial modelling techniques to model the cost & benefits to validate your business case

Virtual  CFO

Management Accounts

Periodic management accounts and financial reports, prepared by Certified Management Accountant. specific to online business needs 

Virtual  CFO

KPI Pack

We design Key Performance Indicators and Business Analytics, that are critical to the success of your business in your Industry. 

Virtual  CFO

Business Planning

We will conduct strategic planning exercise with you and produce comprehensive five year Business Plan for you.

Virtual  CFO


We will prepare your annual budget using the best budgeting techniques that suits your business and industry

Virtual  CFO


We will produce your periodic forecast taking into account changing business and market conditions every quarter to ensure you are on track .

Virtual  CFO


We will assess your business performance as compared to your peers in the industry, 

Virtual  CFO

Business Health Check

Business Health Check is MOT of your business, in which we review your financial performance, evaluate your pricing and marketing strategies, access the capacity of your team and support systems

Virtual  CFO

Weekly Trading Dashboard

We will prepare and send you a concise one page summary of your weekly trading activities. The content will be based on what is most important for you and your business.

Virtual  CFO

Regular 1 to 1 Sessions

Your Virtual CFO will have regular one to one session with you on Skype to discuss every aspect of your business, just like if you have  your own in house Finance Director / CFO.

Virtual  CFO

Site Visits By CFO

Depending on your package we will have periodic site visits to spend a day with you and your team, attend Board meetings and review with you your financial performance and other matters on agenda.

Virtual  CFO

Up to 60% Discount

By joining Quickclick Accountants, you will get exclusive discounts of up to 60% on any other compliance or advisory service you need

Virtual  CFO

FP&A Software

You will get free subscription to market leading cloud based financial planning and analytical reporting software for small businesses.

Response Guarantee

24 Hr Response

There is no need to make appointments and wait for days for help. We guarantee to provide a response within 24 hours 

Penalty Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you ever feel unsatisfied and fell that we are fault, we will not charge you that months fee. This is our guarantee to you.  

How it Works

Virtual  CFO

You signup online, we get to know you and your requirements via online questionnaire
Virtual  CFO

Initial Meeting
Initial introductory one to one session via skype with your CFO. Here we will brain storm your ideas, discuss requirements, expectations and agree working plan
Virtual  CFO

Health Check
Business health check and benchmarking exercise will be conducted and recommendation paper submitted to you
Virtual  CFO

Periodic Reporting
CFO will prepare and send you your weekly trading snapshots, monthly management accounts, and KPI pack
Virtual  CFO

One to one via skype or face to face (with Gold Package) with your CFO, who will present your management accounts to the Board and provide decision support finance expertise
Virtual  CFO

Your CFO will hold periodic financial planning sessions which include production of Business Plan, Annual Budgets and Periodic Forecasts.
Virtual  CFO

Annual Review
Review your annual financial performance against plan and forecast, Executive Summary and recommended plan of action

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