Is your filling deadline near ?

Do you know you have

>    9 months to file your annual accounts after your year end

>    9 months to pay  corporation tax after tax period ends

>    12 months to file CT600

>    21 months to file 1st accounts after registration date

>    Pay £150 and up to £1500 late filing penalty

>    Pay £100 and Up to 20% of tax liability as late CT filing 

>    Prepare accounts in compliance with FRS 102 and 105

Year End Accounts

Why you need QuickClick Accountants

Year End Accounts

Fast turnaround to meet your deadline

Deadline is near and you want fast turnaround to avoid penalties but do you know that many Accountants out there, takes an average of 2 weeks minimum to prepare and file you annual accounts. QuickClick Accountants guarantees to prepare and e-file your FRS compliant limited company accounts with HMRC and Company House  within your deadline. Be it one day or seven, we will deliver our commitment to you if we have accepted you as Client and received all information requested promptly.

No extra paperwork to worry about

You hire an accountant  to help you, not to increase your work load. Quickclick Accountants are 100% digital, which means that we are mostly paperless firm. From sending us your invoices, bank statements and receipts to viewing and approving your annual accounts, all is done electronically using our cloud accounting software and document storage facility from the comfort of your home using just your laptop or smartphone.

Year End Accounts
Year End Accounts

Experienced in all Small Limited Company Accounts

For the purpose of reporting, HMRC has classified small companies as Dormant Companies, Micro Companies and Small Companies. Each has different tax implications and reporting requirements however all need to comply with Financial Reporting Standards (FRS). QuickClick Chartered Certified Accountants are competent in FRS and experienced in preparing different types of Statutory Accounts in compliance with HMRC and Company House requirements. 

Minimises your tax liability ethically

A skilled accountant always find ways to reduce clients tax liability ethically with shrewd planning and expense advice. QuickClick Accountants will first analyse your situation and identify areas where your accounts can be tax efficient so your tax liability can be minimised as much as possible, ethically.

Year End Accounts
Year End Accounts

Will not stress you with HMRC penalties and investigations

There are accountants and than there are competent accountants. Beware of the difference as it can cost you big in penalties and HMRC investigations. Quickclick Accountants are qualified Chartered Certified Accountants which is a testament to our professional competence, hence we provide no penalty guarantee.

No hidden charges for you to worry about

Many accountants charge either on hourly basis or they quote you portion of the fees to lure you in and then later add other services that they know you will need to comply with authorities. Beware of hidden fees. Charges for additional schedules and enquiries can cost you a fortune if you don’t agree fixed fee before hand. QuickClick Accountants have transparent fixed fee pricing structure. What you see is what you pay, no matter what. We don’t have any hidden charges.

Year End Accounts


Annual Accounts, CT600 and Confirmation Statements prepared and filled within 7 days or faster to meet your deadline, in compliance with FRS using HMRC approved software

What you get in our Year End Accounts Package

Chartered Certified Accountant
Dedicated Accountant

You get your own dedicated and experienced Chartered Certified Accountant to support you

Year End Accounts

Annual Accounts & CT600

Full year end accounts, supporting notes to the accounts and CT600 prepared in compliance with FRS and directly filed to HMRC and CH

Year End Accounts

Tax Optimisation

We will access your accounts  around on taxes and expenses to minimise your tax liability as ethically possible

Year End Accounts

Rush Service

We will deliver your full annual accounts within 7 days or earlier to meet your deadline. This is our guarantee to you.

Year End Accounts

Confirmation Statement

We will ensure your and SIC category is up to date. We will file your annual confirmation statement and pay the £13 filling fee ourselves

Year End Accounts

Self Assessment

We will prepare and file Director’s Self Assessment Tax Returns including supplementary pages at 50% discounted fees

Mobile App

Cloud Software & App

You get your own cloud accounting software, storage area and a mobile app to raise quotes, invoices and to view  your books/accounts anywhere anytime on the go

Year End Accounts

HMRC Representations

Our experienced and qualified accountants will represent you on HMRC enquiries and investigations.

Response Guarantee

24 Hr Response

There is no need to make appointments and wait for days for help. We guarantee to provide a response within 24 hours 

Penalty Guarantee

No Penalty Guarantee

We have no penalty guarantee, HMRC investigation cover and professional indemnity insurance for complete peace of mind

How it Works

Year End Accounts
STEP 1 - Signup
You signup online, we get to know you and your requirements via one to one consultation and online questionnaire
Year End Accounts
STEP 2 - Setup
We setup Xero / QuickBooks profile for you, connect your Bank and download your bank feeds
Year End Accounts
STEP 3 - Upload
You upload in cloud or mail all your bookkeeping balances (TB), supporting invoices, receipts and bills. The easiest and fastest way is to take pictures via your smartphone and upload them to your secure client area in cloud.
Year End Accounts
STEP 4 - Review
We reconcile your bookkeeping and get your Statutory Accounts and Corporate Tax Returns ready for you to review in your secure client area
Year End Accounts
STEP 5 - Filling
We e-file your Statutory Accounts and Corporation Tax Return to HMRC and Company House. We will send you a copy of HMRC and Company House confirmation emails for your records.

What our Clients Say

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was £450


Save £100

Suitable for Businesses with revenue less than £85,000 and not more than 1 employee



was £750


Save £200

Suitable for Limited Companies with revenue less than £350,000 and 7 or less employees



was £1100


Save £350

Suitable for limited companies with revenue more than £350,000 and 7 plus employees

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